Mineral Exploration, Geoscience and Environmental Field Assistant Course

Partners: Royal Roads University, Pakawau Geomanagement Inc.

Location: British Columbia (Online)

Date: March 2021 – April 2021

Description: In partnership with Royal Roads University and Pakawau Geomanagement Inc., KES helped design and deliver a 6-week program to prepare students for field positions in the mining sector. The program prepared students to take the BC Mines Supervisor Certification exam to explain the roles, responsibilities, and regulations of mining exploration.

KES’s role during the program was to cover environmental essentials, giving students a greater understanding and appreciation of ecological interactions when entering the mining sector. In this section, KES also gave considerable detail to mining reclamation efforts and the processes to consider in the early phases of a mine to ensure the best possible environmental protection. KES also delivered several days of field skills instruction to cover the necessary tools and procedures to carry out the ecological side when entering a proposed, operating, or closed mine.

With a passion for the environment, KES wants to ensure that individuals entering the mining sector have a good understanding and appreciation for conserving and protecting the land when possible.

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