Environmental Site Assessments

Location: British Columbia

Description: The purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to determine if there are potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities associated with a property. This typically involves site visits to observe the property, any neighbouring properties as well as a detailed historical records review for the assessment property and all properties within a 250m radius. This may include accessing historical aerial photographs, reviewing fire insurance maps, and conducting interviews with relevant current and past property owners. KES has extensive experience throughout BC in conducting Phase I ESAs in accordance with the CSA Standard Z768-01. Should the results of a Phase I ESA indicate the likelihood for contamination, KES recommends a Phase II ESA in which subsurface concentrations of common contaminants (e.g., metals, petroleum products, or other hazardous materials) are sampled, sent to an accredited laboratory, and evaluated against provincial or federal standards. Where exceedances are observed, KES provides options for remediation, including a Phase III ESA in which contamination is removed from the property and final reports are submitted to the Ministry of Environment.