American Badger Management Planning for Sand and Gravel Pits

Location: Southern BC

Description: Legislation now requires sand and gravel pits within American badger (Taxidea taxus jeffersoni) habitat to develop and implement an Badger Management Plan to identify and mitigate potential impacts to this important at-risk species. Current estimates indicate that fewer than 250 individuals occupy habitat that stretches from as far south as the Okanagan Valley, north to the Cariboo region. Keefer Ecological Services (KES) has expertise and experience in badger management planning for sand and gravel pit projects, which aim to mitigate impacts on badgers while allowing for safe and efficient operations. Our management plans are site-specific, have a history of being readily approved by the Ministry, and contain the following common objectives:

  • Reducing the risk of disturbance or mortality to American badgers during operations.

  • Identifying burrows and badger activity prior to activities.

  • Scheduling operations to avoid important periods for American badgers.

  • Maintaining safe movement corridors.

  • Planning adaptive management strategies.

  • Mitigating potential human-wildlife conflicts.