Soil and Terrain Mapping in the Elk Valley

Partners: Jameson Resources, North Coal, BGC Engineering

Location: Elk Valley, BC

Date: 2017/2018

Description: The information collected during the soil survey was used to:

1) Prepare soil inventory maps;

2) Establish a baseline for monitoring metal and nutrient elements in soil for reclamation purposes;

3) Determine and analyze soil fertility to guide reclamation activities;

4) Make suggestions on limiting soil erosion effects; and,

The field assessment included detailed soil mapping of uniform soil locations over a range of site conditions. Each detailed plot entailed excavation and examination of soil material to depth of approximately 0.75 m to 1 m, or lithic contact, whichever came first. A pit was excavated and described for soil classification whenever there was a significant change in soil material classification (Soil Survey Group, 1998), such as change in soil colour, coarse fragment content, soil texture or parent material.

Additionally, a desktop terrain assessment was completed to identify expected surficial material, landform and geomorphological processes to delineate polygons with similar attributes based on LiDAR and orthophotos. The desktop mapping was followed by field visits to ground truth the mapping exercise.

#geohazardassessment #soilsmapping #soilsclassification #terrainanalysis