Kinbasket & Arrow Lakes Reservoir Revegetation

Partners: BC Hydro (Hydroelectric Power Generation)

Locations: West and East Kootenay Regions, BC

Date: 2008 to 2012

Description: In 2008, BC Hydro identified a need for the revegetation of drawdown zones in the Kinbasket and Arrow Reservoirs. BC Hydro recognized stable shoreline vegetation improved aesthetic quality, protected cultural heritage sites from erosion and human access, and enhanced littoral productivity and wildlife habitat. To work towards a healthy, productive state for the reservoirs, KES was enlisted to develop and implement a multi-year program to revegetate these drawn down zones.

Over the course of three years, KES developed and implemented planting prescriptions and monitored sections of the Kinbasket and Arrow Reservoir draw down zones. Unlike terrestrial revegetation projects, these sites featured native wetland species (including sedges and rushes) and flood-tolerant shrubs (including black cottonwood and willow). Over the course of four growing seasons, KES facilitated the planting of close to 1.5 million sedges and rushes and nearly 100,000 shrubs at a number of sites within these flood zones.

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