Environmental Assessment (EA) & Permitting

  • Lead EA multi-disciplinary teams and support project submission

  • Design and management of baseline environmental studies

  • Manage and lead EA technical reviews for mining, pipelines, infrastructure, for First Nations and proponents

  • Budget control and contractor/specialist selection

  • First Nation engagement

  • Navigation and fulfillment of regulatory and permitting requirements

  • Liaise with impacted and interested stakeholders

  • Design and implement EA baseline studies and develop mitigation strategies

Full-Spectrum Research & Development and Technical Advisory Services

  • Statistically driven study design, implementation, monitoring, analysis and reporting

  • Gap analyses and technical reviews

  • Biodiversity management planning

  • Reclamation and mine closure planning including end land-use development

  • Experts at incorporating First Peoples traditional knowledge with western science to develop positive solutions to issues in environmental management

  • Environmental and social monitoring


Environmental & Social Performance Planning, Delivery and Assurance

  • Identify, manage and reduce environmental and social risks

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy reviews to ensure impacted stakeholder concerns, issues and needs are mitigated throughout project lifecycle

  • Impacts to Indigenous peoples rights are assessed, considered and minimized

  • Review social impact assessment and management mitigation measures address human rights, community development, culture and heritage, and resettlement

  • Implementation plans and assurance activities including verification and audits

Marmota monax
Phacelia sericea
Maple seeds
Rubus parviflorus
Rose sp.
Townsendia parryi
Fall colours
Birch bark
Spectacular desert landscapes
Amelanchier alnifolia
Dryas octopetala
Campanula lasiocarpa
Former pacer mine near Atlin, BC
Fall colours
Common bumblebee


Plant Ecology

  • Predictive and Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping

  • Site-specific planting prescription development

  • Ethnoecological and non-timber forest products assessment and consultation

  • Vegetation surveys

  • Rare plant research, inventory, and recovery

  • Invasive plant management

  • Custom native plant seed collection

  • Ethnobotanical studies for health, resource management and other purposes

  • Environmental monitoring and assessment

  • Soil bioengineering

  • Agro-ecological design and consulting



  • Whitebark and limber pine research and rare species recovery planning

  • Range use planning and management

  • Silviculture surveys and planting prescriptions

  • Forest health surveys

  • Road layout and mapping

  • Environmental monitoring


Wildlife Biology

  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat surveys, including birds, bats, ungulates, and furbearers (remote camera traps, hair snag, encounter transects, aerial surveys)

  • Population biology

  • Occupancy modeling

  • Wildlife assessments and management recommendations

Water Management


  • Watershed management planning and hydrologic analysis

  • Water monitoring and water quality assessments

  • Erosion and sediment control planning and design

  • Provincial and federal permitting for surface water projects


Remediation & Restoration


  • Environmental site assessments (ESA) and reclamation (CSA-standard Phase I, II and III ESAs)

  • Earthworks construction design, monitoring and inspections

  • Waterway and wetland work operating under Changes In and About a Stream permits

  • Full-spectrum project management

  • Occupational hygiene

Environmental Policy Development


  • Drafting environmental management, monitoring and mitigation plans

  • EA condition development


  • Native plant horticulture

  • Socio-economic baseline studies

  • Greenhouse and other business feasibility studies

  • Survey design

  • Startup business consultation

  • Certified BC farm business advisory services

  • Negotiations and facilitation