Environmental Assessment (EA) & Permitting

  • Lead EA multi-disciplinary teams and support project submission

  • Design and management of baseline environmental studies

  • Manage and lead EA technical reviews for mining, pipelines, infrastructure, for First Nations and proponents

  • Budget control and contractor/specialist selection

  • First Nation engagement

  • Navigation and fulfillment of regulatory and permitting requirements

  • Liaise with impacted and interested stakeholders

  • Design and implement EA baseline studies and develop mitigation strategies

Full-Spectrum Research & Development and Technical Advisory Services

  • Statistically driven study design, implementation, monitoring, analysis and reporting

  • Gap analyses and technical reviews

  • Biodiversity management planning

  • Reclamation and mine closure planning including end land-use development

  • Experts at incorporating First Peoples traditional knowledge with western science to develop positive solutions to issues in environmental management

  • Environmental and social monitoring


Environmental & Social Performance Planning, Delivery and Assurance

  • Identify, manage and reduce environmental and social risks

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy reviews to ensure impacted stakeholder concerns, issues and needs are mitigated throughout project lifecycle

  • Impacts to Indigenous peoples rights are assessed, considered and minimized

  • Review social impact assessment and management mitigation measures address human rights, community development, culture and heritage, and resettlement

  • Implementation plans and assurance activities including verification and audits


Plant Ecology

  • Predictive and Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping

  • Site-specific planting prescription development

  • Ethnoecological and non-timber forest products assessment and consultation

  • Vegetation surveys

  • Rare plant research, inventory, and recovery

  • Invasive plant management

  • Custom native plant seed collection

  • Ethnobotanical studies for health, resource management and other purposes

  • Environmental monitoring and assessment

  • Soil bioengineering

  • Agro-ecological design and consulting



  • Whitebark and limber pine research and rare species recovery planning

  • Range use planning and management

  • Silviculture surveys and planting prescriptions

  • Forest health surveys

  • Road layout and mapping

  • Environmental monitoring


Wildlife Biology

  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat surveys, including birds, bats, ungulates, and furbearers (remote camera traps, hair snag, encounter transects, aerial surveys)

  • Population biology

  • Occupancy modeling

  • Wildlife assessments and management recommendations

Water Management


  • Watershed management planning and hydrologic analysis

  • Water monitoring and water quality assessments

  • Erosion and sediment control planning and design

  • Provincial and federal permitting for surface water projects


Remediation & Restoration


  • Environmental site assessments (ESA) and reclamation (CSA-standard Phase I, II and III ESAs)

  • Earthworks construction design, monitoring and inspections

  • Waterway and wetland work operating under Changes In and About a Stream permits

  • Full-spectrum project management

  • Occupational hygiene

Environmental Policy Development


  • Drafting environmental management, monitoring and mitigation plans

  • EA condition development


  • Native plant horticulture

  • Socio-economic baseline studies

  • Greenhouse and other business feasibility studies

  • Survey design

  • Startup business consultation

  • Certified BC farm business advisory services

  • Negotiations and facilitation

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